Get involved!

Languages are living expressions of who we are. We speak to interact, so you might as well go out there and see how you can put your French to use.

For example, you could volunteer to help new French-speaking immigrants at the Saint Stephen of Hungary Parish, where you can help welcome new migrants, work with the French Consulate to visit French-speaking prisoners, or help provide bilingual religious education.

Or if you’re a lover of French cinema, you could drop by In French With English Subtitles, which is ran by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Diable ! There’s even a social network for people interested in French language or culture in NYC on the site aptly named (which is literally the translation of the name of this blog, I was kind of shocked to find this website that does what I intended to do….I’ll find my angle).


Know of more cool places or groups that promote French language, culture, or else? I am also totally aware about how France-centric I am, and I would love to include more stuff pertaining to French-speaking culture from Haiti, Quebec, Louisiana, West Africa etc. Drop me an email at