Livres (Books)

Le Petit Nicolas a des ennuis, Sempé. « Le Petit Nicolas » is an iconic series among French schoolchildren. Told from the perspective of Nicolas, a young elementary school boy, « Le Petit Nicolas » narrates a series of troubles and misadventures among his friends, parents, and teachers. Very funny and completely accessible to French learners, as the story is written for a young audience (and yet engaging for readers of any age).
Available online (create an account for access) 
Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi. Maybe you’ve seen the film (available on Netflix, dubbed in English), Persepolis is a graphic novel based off Marjane Satrapi’s experience as an Iranian woman living between a traditional and repressed society, and her desire for freedom and emancipation. I can also recommend the title Chicken With Plums (Poulet aux Prunes), a bittersweet love story.
NYC library has the English edition available, along with the French dubbed DVD. Otherwise you might find better luck with the French Institute’s Haskell library (however you must become a member). Ditto for Chicken With Plums.
Les Contes du chat perché, Marcel Aymé. Personal favorite. A set of tales set in a farm and revolving around the personalities of the various animals living there. I can also recommend La Jument Verte (The Green Hare), a bizarre (and hilarious) satire of the sex lives of 19th century peasants. Well worth the read, whether in French or English (a bit difficult for language beginners).
NYC library has the French editions for both aforementioned books.

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