November 14 — Washington Square Park Rally

Hundreds of people were in attendance throughout the day at Washington Square Park to reminisce about the day prior’s events in Paris. People first assembled under the Washington Square Arch and took turns writing words of remembrance and grief on a few large sheets of paper. Nearby stood an art-installation which consisted of a board where people could place a rose (which I assume is representative for those affected directly by the attacks); beneath the board a small banner with the grammatically inaccurate expression « Jêtre humain » [intended translation: I to be human; meaning the act and nature of being human are indistinguishable] was on display, a reference to a banner in Paris’ Place de la République.

Later in the day a French flag was hoisted under the Arch, which was then illuminated in the French’s tricolor; courtesy of the City of New York in a show of solidarity.