Télévision et Videos

Below are links to various French or Francophone’s television websites and audio-visual outlets. Enjoy!

Arte, the franco-german cultural channel

ARTE is a franco-german television channel that provides high-quality content centered on art, culture, and investigation journalism. Arte broadcast in France and Germany, in French and German respectively. Below are samples of its program offerings:
28 Minutes: Short and condensed topical information segments
Le Dessous des Cartes: If you’re a geography-nerd like I’m, this program is entirely focused on de-constructing globalized issues with maps. If you’re interested to look up more episodes browse on Youtube.
Silex and the CityA series of animation shorts set during the prehistory and satiring modern society.


Canal Plus, the channel visible 20% of the time for those without a subscription.

Canal Plus, where French people watch the dubbed or subtitled version of American shows. Also broadcast original series, sports, and talk shows.
Le Petit Journal: A news satirical program that some have compared to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, although I think it’s somewhat drier and more focused on covering news (let’s say the comedy isn’t the focal point of the program).
Bref: Bref is colloquial French for well, anyways…; this mini-series is an abridged account of the life a 30 years old man. Packs a surprising emotional punch towards the series’ conclusion.

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